Our Mission

We work constantly to deliver a high level of quality in our services and be a responsible partner for our clients. The reliable transportation of oil, petroleum products and chemicals has been our specialty ever since the establishment of Ionia Management S.A. 

Through our sound corporate structure, Ionia has been able to overcome the challenges that have arisen in this highly regulated, ever-changing and competitive market. 

In today’s demanding global environment, shipping is accompanied by great responsibilities towards the international community. We therefore participate as a reliable corporate citizen and partner in the international maritime community


Safe Working Environment

Provide a safe working environment by encouraging all employees to intervene while at the same time allowing them to fail safely.

Perserving Resources

Commitment to protecting and preserving resources, by an environmentally conscious operation of vessels.

Ensure Quality

Contingency planning to ensure adequate response to pollution incidents.

Always Vigilant

Investing in safety management and soft skills of all personnel ashore and onboard ships, including preparation for emergencies.

Environmental Issues

Addressing environmental issues in all design and development projects.

Processes Improvement

Continuous improvement of all processes through review and analysis of available information against stated policies and objectives.


Compliance with mandatory rules and regulations and other requirements to which the Company subscribes.


Participation in maritime organizations and government, trade and industry associations to achieve highest standards of safety and preservation of the environment.


Enviroment Culture

The safety of human life and the protection of the environment are primary concerns to Ionia. We are committed to environmental excellence and dedicated to protection of the environment and to the prevention of pollution. Our objective is to provide our clients with an incidentfree service. 

Our vision for environmental excellence, energy consumption and safe transportation of oil worldwide is reflected in the implementation of the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard.

Safety reliability, environmental awareness through the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 and the wider “green” culture entrenched in Ionia’s marine practices, ensure a cost-effective and environmentally friendly provision of services to our clients.

Thinking “green”
that is the Ionia way



As part of our effort to upgrade our services to clients, we have introduced a number of advanced integrated IT solutions, hardware technologies and applications, both ashore and onboard vessels. Information technology plays a vital role in the effective and smooth management of our fleet. The target is to increase usage of software technologies in our daily operations and ensure readily processed information.

Thus, we avoid inefficiencies, optimize performance, manage regulatory changes and achieve proactive maintenance. We have implemented an Information Management System that assists to effectively comply with managerial self-improvement targets and new external regulations.

Continuous improvement in our management practices and operations is achieved, whereas progress is continuously monitored, in line with the modern requirements of our competitive industry.