As part of our effort to upgrade our services to clients, we have introduced a number of advanced integrated IT solutions, hardware technologies and applications, both ashore and onboard vessels. Information technology plays a vital role in the effective and smooth management of our fleet. The target is to increase usage of software technologies in our daily operations and ensure readily processed information.

Thus, we avoid inefficiencies, minimize accidents, manage regulatory changes and achieve proactive maintenance. We have implemented an Information Management System that assists our Company to effectively comply with managerial self-improvement targets and new external regulations.

Continuous improvement in our management practices and operations is achieved, whereas progress is continuously monitored, in line with the modern requirements of our competitive industry, especially after the introduction of Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA). We install Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) on all Ionia-managed vessels. This marine navigational system of electronic vector cartography exceeds the demands and requirements of navigation today. The accuracy of the system, along with the immediate update of navigational corrections and charts, improve safety and advance the quality of our services.

In order to enhance the training of our seafarers ashore, we have created an in-house advanced training program using navigational simulators. This enables simulator training and certification of our watch officers, chief officers, captains and pilots serving on vessels under management. The system goes beyond the requirements of IMO STCW 95 Convention and well prepares our seafarers for the duration of their service onboard, while laying the foundations for a paperless navigation in the future.