We consider training as the “root cause” for achieving “zero incidents” at sea. A new training and familiarization program on applicable international laws and regulations is implemented for all Ionia crew, placing emphasis on safety of life at sea and pollution prevention. Our aim is to inspire self-compliance and motivation to safeguard the environment.

Ionia rolls in-house and vessel-specific familiarization training for all seafarers in order to ensure that all crew thoroughly understand, adopt and constantly observe Company’s high standards. Accordingly, the training curriculum in not limited to the certification mandated by the STCW, but extends to navigation and engineering courses, Company’s specific tanker operations and bilge water waste oil management programs.

Health, Safety and the Environment are a priority and all seafarers serving onboard Company vessels are carefully selected to meet the particular requirements. Many seafarers have served onboard vessels managed by Ionia for a long time, thus building mutual trust and understanding of the professional standards required by the Company. The “rotation” of crew onboard Ionia managed vessels exceeds 80% and results to numerous professional seafarers, considered to be the cornerstone of Company’s efficiency and growth.

We review the performance of all seafarers and have developed a system that monitors the ongoing progress and development of seafarers in an objective manner. To earn promotions, seafarers attend shore side training courses and are assessed on board by senior officers and attending superintendents. Sea service records are also evaluated. We recognize improvement in performance and reward our seafarers on the basis of their individual and collective achievements.

“The rotation of crew onboard Ionia managed vessels exceeds 80%.”