Terms & Conditions

Safety and Environmental Awareness

Our Company recognizes the risks involved in the transport of oil and its products by sea and is committed to conducting operations onboard and ashore in a safe, environmentally friendly and quality assured manner. Objectives and targets aim at the protection of human life, protection of the environment and the fulfillment of its customers’ needs.

The Company further recognizes the considerations of all  relevant  interested parties and is committed to protecting both its own integrity and reputation and that of all relevant interested parties. Jeopardizing any of the above aspects will result to immediate end of contract with no further obligations by our Company.

Everyone’s contribution in maintaining a safe environment for our crew and customers is our priority.

In case of accepting collaboration with our Company, which includes an onboard attendance, subcontractors accept all terms and conditions described herein. In this respect, every visiting person must conform with the Company’s Safety Policy and Rules in connection with the Emergency Conditions, Smoking, Waste Management and General Safety Precautions. These requirements will be explained by our crew once on board, they are posted and readily available at various locations on board.

When the property of a customer or subcontractor is lost, damaged or otherwise found to be unsuitable for use, the Company shall report this to the corresponding party and retain documented information on what has occurred.

Green Packaging

Packaging can have a significant environmental impact during its production and disposal, it therefore needs to be well managed. To reduce environmental impact, our Company encourages vendors to use eco-friendly packaging and substitute materials for greener alternatives. Packaging includes anything from cardboard boxes used for products to the wooden palettes used for transportation.

Minimally Toxic Soaps and Detergents

All soaps and detergents delivered to the Company managed vessels must use phosphate-free and with minimally-toxic substances.

Asbestos Free

As per SOLAS II-1, Regulation 3-5 and MSC.1/Circ.1379, from 1 January 2011, asbestos has been completely banned in new installations on both new and existing convention ships. In this respect an asbestos-free declaration should be provided for all spares delivered with an existing Type Approval Certificate.

Suitable to Use on a Tanker

It’s the responsibility of the vendor to supply items suitable for the use onboard tankers, i.e. intrinsically safe, explosion proof etc. Any supply of not “Suitable to Use on a Tanker” items will not be accepted and the Company accepts no further obligation for this delivery.